Intrepid Mines Limited: TSX Listing Update

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Release: 2014-06-05 06:53

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Intrepid Mines Ltd (TSX:IAU) advises that the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") has indicated its intention to delist the Company's securities effective at the close of market on 3 July 2014.

The TSX's Continued Listings Committee made this determination as Intrepid currently does not meet the exchange's continued listing requirements, solely as a result of the Company not currently having a material mining asset in its portfolio.

In the event that the Company enters into a transaction to acquire a mining property prior to 3 July 2014, application may be made to the TSX to delay the delisting pending completion of that transaction. Alternatively, if delisted, the Company may apply to the TSX for relisting, should it acquire a mining property and re-qualify for admission under the rules of the Toronto Stock Exchange Manual.

In the event of Intrepid being delisted from the TSX, the Company's ordinary shares will continue to trade as usual on ASX under the code "IAU". The greatest volume of trading in the Company's shares is currently conducted through ASX, which will continue to provide shareholders with trading liquidity.

Trading on the TSX will continue as usual until the delisting takes place, and shareholders may migrate their shares from the TSX to the ASX register at any time prior to delisting.

In order to trade their shares on ASX after delisting from the TSX, shareholders who hold their shares through the TSX register will need to have their holdings transferred to the Australian share register. The Company will provide further advice to TSX-registered shareholders on this process, in due course.

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