Questions are pouring in about the results regarding our new polymetallic discovery at Tumipampa.

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Q: The significance of a polymetallic deposit

A: Polymetallic deposits comprise of some of the world’s largest and most valuable mines in the world. The largest mine in the world: Olympic Dam is an 8 billion ton polymetallic behemoth. Given there are more metals available in the recovery process, senior miners are keen on these types of deposits for their metal price balance. Polymetallic mines include metals that do not vary in unison, for example , the paper gold smash which took place two weeks ago did not impact the other metals, save for silver.

Polymetallic deposits contain significant concentrations of lead, silver, gold in addition to copper and zinc. The first six holes Dynacor drilled intersected an altered monzonite containing high concentrations of gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, lead and zinc, a tantalizing hint of what may come from holes 7-12. The process of elimination in discovering a giant ore-body is par the course and so the exploration division continues striving to intercept that giant 200 meter hole to perhaps launch Tumipampa into one of the richest ore-bodies in the world.

On another note, the Q1 Earnings report will be out early next week.

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