What does NAI 500 offer?

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NAI500 5 minutes tour of what we are all about!

We will still provide all of our past services which include; translated daily Updated Corporate Information, Press Releases, and Micro Sites. However, new features will include; Research Reports written by professional analysts which will be provided by brokerage firms from Canada and the US. A CEO message board, a fun feature that will help to create direct interaction between the public companies and investors, allowing CEOs to share their perspectives on the market situation and give the investors the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and leave comments, as well as a feature where corporate fact sheets can be uploaded by companies onto our website.

Members and Companies can also gain points by being more active in the platform, higher points will earn the members VIP status to earn more benefits on our site and at our GCFF conferences.  (For more details please click here)  Useful tools like Investment school will be the place where Chinese investors can gain investment knowledge. Hot and Cold Stocks will help investors determine which companies have strong momentum and great performance and which do not. Tools like Event Calendar will help the investors to track any upcoming conference so they will not miss any networking opportunities. Companies will be able to update this calendar to reflect any events they may be hosting or attending.  NAI 500 will be the one stop, fun and user-friendly platform that will help connect the Chinese investors to the corporations.

Take a 5 min Tour of what we are all about! It will explain simply why you need to use us to tap into the growing Chinese investor community ! NAI 500 is brand new concept to serve the ever growing Chinese investor market BETTER, We will deliver what they need. They are ready and hungry to learn your story !

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