CEO Interview of Huakan International Mining Inc.

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Recently NAI 500 team had a short interview with Mr. Jeffrey Ren, the CFO of Huakan International Mining Inc. to answer some questions from investors.

NAI 500: Can you provide a brief overview of Huakan International Mining Inc. and its projects?

Jeffrey Ren: Huakan International is a TSX-V listed mining company trading under the symbol of “HK” that is focused on gold, silver and non-ferrous mineral acquisition, exploration and development activities. The Company has completed Phase-I advanced exploration for its flagship J&L Project and is compiling the NI 43-101 report which is expected to be released soon.

NAI 500: What is the overall strategic goal of the Company?

Jeffrey Ren: Huakan International’s strategy is to actively acquire precious metal projects especially gold and silver projects. The Company will develop its global strategy using the platform of North American capital markets. It will seek new acquisitions in Asia, Africa and South & Central Americas, in addition to Canada, while advancing its exploration operations to the development stage.

NAI 500: What are the advantages of the Company when it comes to attracting investors?

Jeffrey Ren: Compared with Canadian companies, Huakan has three major advantages:

First of all, the largest shareholder of the Company is Tianjin Huakan Group Co., Ltd., which is one of the largest geological and mineral resources exploration development corporations in China. Huakan Group has more than 100 mineral properties in China, mid-Asia, and Africa and is providing considerable technical and management expertise to the Company.

Then, with strong Chinese background, the Company has successfully combined two different languages, cultures and management ideas, so it can offer multi-level investor relationship services as well as great investment potential.

Last but not the least with new management in place, the Company has put forward the strategic goal of globalization. The Company recently began the clean-up work of its existing projects and deploying resources worldwide. Our new, passionate management team is ready and eager for more success.

If you would like to have more information of Huakan International Mining Inc., please visit their website or reach them at 604-694-2344