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As a NAI 500 member, not only will you be able to get updated news releases and useful investment information from various companies and analysts, you can also get more access to our interactive functions and have added options to enjoy our platform.. These functions include; the NAI 500 club, to share and discuss your comments, to set-up your own portfolio, automatically receive the message alert from other replies and the important date reminder.

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Perspectives are not always the same between the individual investors and the CEO of the company. How can we break this gap and reach a balance? CEO message will be the answer. This function allows investors to get information directly from the source and will provide CEO’s valuable feedback from investors.
Periodically, NAI 500 will invite CEOs from various companies within different sectors to share their thoughts on the market situation or any potential market trends that they have in mind.
Investors can also express their ideas simply by replying to the CEO’s message which will create more interaction between the company and the investors.

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With similar ideas or interests, investors can join or create a group, where they can share their thoughts and perspectives through posting their own ideas. Ex. Investors interested in specific sector: Green Technology.

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