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NAI Interactive Ltd. (NAI), established in 1998, is a leading solution provider for fast growing public companies trading on the North American Exchange Markets. Being a major subsidiary of Inc. (CWN), NAI represents a communication bridge between public companies and Chinese investors, allowing them to develop working relationships and form functional networks through our unique platform. Throughout the years, NAI has been the most trusted firm in providing meaningful information to Chinese investors. This being said, we believe we can provide an even better platform for both companies and investors to meet and communicate with one another.  NAI 500 is how we have achieved this--------through the innovation of our platform based on the past years’ experience and reflection from our working with clients and investors. 

What is NAI 500?

Throughout the past 10 years, NAI has successfully helped over 300 public companies reach the Chinese market. We have accumulated market intelligence and street smart expertise and have created this new proprietary platform, NAI 500.  There is no other platform out in the market that can help both Companies and investors interact effectively. This platform is designed to allow investors to easily find all the current hot sectors and stocks as well as helps them to zero in on companies that they cannot find elsewhere. In addition, Companies will be able to communicate with the investors conveniently via this platform. 

In short, we are a one-stop information portal who provides accessibility to your company, exposure to the untapped Asian market, and serves as a communication bridge between Investors and Companies.

Under this new NAI 500, we will introduce the TOP 500 fastest-growing companies from 6 different sectors in the market under the heading, THE COMPANIES every growth investor should follow in Canadian and US markets.  These sectors include the following:

Not only will we introduce these companies, create different functions, indicators and monitoring tools to help investors follow them closely, we will also review them every month to ensure they are meeting our standards of excellence and update our 500 list accordingly. Our clients will continuously maintain first priority in our search list and be given as much coverage as possible. 

We filter the top 500 companies according to the following criteria:

  1. The company has a strong management team with a good background and track record
  2. Share Structure – in general have less than 50 M shares outstanding, high % of insider holdings
  3. A market cap between 8M – 1B
  4. Financials – strong balance sheet, the company has capital running for min 18 months without financing. For example, over 5 million cash on hand
  5. A share price of over .08
  6. Ability to grow revenue at least 15% annually
  7. Promising market potential – including projects, business model
  8. Active News flow – company is eager to update investors with their on-going development
  9. The company should have a balanced ownership of both institutional and retail investors
  10. Trading – the company should have a healthy trading volume of over 100,000 shares/ day
  11. China related – has assets in China or is a China based company trading on the North American stock exchange

We welcome your feedback. We feel it is a critical part in our development. We hope you will find our platform useful in your everyday investing and be proud to become part of the NAI 500 community.

Please contact us at 604.488.8878 or for any feedbacks and questions !

NAI 500 Mining

The NAI 500 Mining section is focused on companies within the Mining industry. Areas of interest include; Gold, Silver, Copper, etc. Investors can also search the companies through our NAI Mining search engine by its exchange market, type of mining, company type, or company name and its symbol.

The Company’s background, business overview, investment highlights, current projects, and contact information will be available on the company’s profile page.


NAI 500 China

For investors who are interested in rising business opportunities in China: The NAI 500 China section is focused on China-related companies. Specifically, companies that currently have projects in the development or exploration stage in Mainland China or are located in the China area.
Also, the NAI China SmallCap Index, which hosts a list of companies with interests in China, will be provided for those looking to invest in Chinese equity.
The Company’s background, business overview, investment highlights, current projects, and its contact information will be available on the company’s profile page.