The Gold Book 2013/2014

The Gold Book 2013/2014


The Gold Book 2013/2014
NAI Interactive Ltd.
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Our planet had entered into a new period of turbulence since 2008 financial crisis. Many central banks, especially those of advanced countries, adopted quantitative easing measures one after another, as a result, the Fiat currencies have been depreciating. Therefore, common investors and many central banks have been seeking assets value maintenance, gold demand has been increasing and gold price has been climbing higher. In 2008, annual average gold price was at the level of over $800 while in 2011 and 2012, the price was more than $1600. When gold price plunged over $200 during two trading days since April 12, 2013, the Globe rushed to buy physical gold.

On one hand, gold price plunged; on the other hand, there is not enough physical gold for selling. This phenomenon is really worth considering a lot. Gold price has increased for 12 years since 2000. Will 2013 be the end of the bull cycle? Nowadays, this question is being discussed heatedly in the global capital market. In the first chapter, five gold experts share their opinions about this question. Herein, we thank them for their support.

Although gold price in 2012 maintained at the historic high levels, gold producers and explorers faced tough environments, as these companies saw increasing costs and decreasing profit margin, even some gold mines were at a loss. Additionally, these companies’ operations encountered some political obstacles. It means that where to mine gold is more and more critical. In the second chapter we list some important gold production and exploration regions in the world where investors can have high possibility to succeed in production and exploration. The third chapter includes 14 highly potential gold companies whose important company information such as projects and management is introduced.

This year, we changed the structure of investment guide, concentrate one book on one kind/class of resources in order to explain more clearly the trend of resources market and offer investors a truly practical investment book. It is on gold this year.