Resources investment Guide 2012/2013

Resources Investment Guide 2012/2013


Resources Investment Guide 2012/2013
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NAI Interactive Ltd ISBN 978-1-926600-04-8


The Resources Investment Guide (RIG) series has been well received by readers since its debut in 2003. This bilingual publication not only follows the latest trends in energy and mining industries, but also explores some of the hottest investment topics. On its tenth anniversary, the publisher NAI Interactive Ltd. decides to cover more wide-ranging information. We also offer noted experts' unique insights into different resources market segments. We hope the RIG series will remain a helpful tool for investing in North American listed resources stocks.

Highlights of the Resources Investment Guide 2012/13 are as follows: Preface discusses the background, causes and traits of the recent overseas resources investment boom of Asian countries led by China, Japan and South Korea; Part I provides a review and outlook for the supply and demand fundamentals of hot metals and minerals in seven chapters, namely gold, silver, copper, electric metals, uranium, potash and LNG; Part 2 recommends four of the world's hot exploration regions – Canada, Mexico, South America and West Africa; Part III features almost 30 North American listed companies and presents their business overview alongside project, management and stock information; Appendix A covers some important issues regarding how to invest in resources stocks; Appendix B is a small database of 500 energy and mining companies.