Resources investment Guide 2011/12

Resources Investment Guide 2011/12


Resources Investment Guide 2011/12
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NAI Interactive Ltd ISBN 978-1-926600-03-1


The Resources Investment Guide 2011/12 covers latest hot topics in the resources industry and is aimed to help readers find investment opportunities. We discuss the supply and demand fundamentals of silver, copper and strategic metals (including rare earths) respectively in Chapter One, Three and Four. We also summarize the ongoing gold exploration boom in Yukon of Canada in Chapter Two. And in Chapter Five, we envisage that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange following its revised listing rules is set to become Asia’s listing and financing center for mining companies.

Another highlight of the book is in Chapter Six where we feature up to 44 stocks from the mining industry including gold, silver, copper, strategic metal/rare earth sectors. The number is much higher than that of previous years, as we are encouraged by their past performance. For example, the 33 stocks featured in the Resources Investment Guide 2010/11 posted an average one-year return of 67%, with 22 stocks (also 67%) outperforming the benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index.